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Tuesday, Oct 16th

MTN plans R24bn capex

The operator`s Nigerian entity will receive a R10.5 billion boost to upgrade its network after an unexpected surge in demand.

Nigeria puts up NITEL for liquidation

The state-owned telecoms operator has dramatically lost market share over the past decade.

Airtel Kenya unveils 3G service

The service brings increased Internet speeds, allowing for video-conferencing.

Mobile dating service readies location offering

A flirting service, with about five million African users, will soon implement location-based tracking.

Ship slices three undersea cables

The Eassy network and two other cables could be fixed by 20 March, after a ship dragged its anchor for about 150km in the Red Sea.

`Investors not spooked by Zamtel sale reversal`

Government`s reversal of the sale of a majority stake in Zamtel has not affected Zambia`s investment climate, say analysts.

Kenya`s Safaricom readies apps store

The East African country`s biggest mobile operator plans to sell mobile applications for Android handsets by mid-year.


Zambian telcos could face penalties

The country`s ICT authority draws up a code that could result in operators being penalised for poor service.

twitter banned

Zim opposition urges social network use

Twitter and Facebook could foster freedom of expression in the wake of Zanu PF`s clampdown on civil liberties, says an MDC official.

Angola to get LTE network

The oil-rich country is set to become the first African country to commercially sell services on its next-generation mobile network.


An operator faces allegations that it banned access to Internet voice services such as Skype.