SITA 'not institutionally ready' for IoT

SITA ready
for IOT?

SA State IT Agency
outlines strategy.

Sunday, Dec 16th


'Hackers also target SMEs'

Check Point SA’s sales manager, Doros Hadjizenonos, highlights the measures SMEs can take to increase their security stance.


UAE ‘thwarts’ hacking attack from Egypt

United Arab Emirates government websites targeted in the attack on Friday, say officials.


ANC responds to attack on its website

Political party says it decided to take its website down following a hacker group flooding its servers.


Biometric identification mulled for Nigeria’s ATMs

Move being considered by the country’s central bank governor to further prevent fraud.


Hackers Anonymous Africa target ANC website

Group says it has disrupted the South African political party's website with a DDoS attack.


‘IT managers ignore corporate network vulnerabilities’

Exec says there is an ongoing ‘lax approach’ to security on the parts of managers.

IT security

Nigeria makes inroads in cybercrime war

The country has a reputation of cybercriminals who are always on the prowl to defraud people.


EXCLUSIVE: Q&A with Anonymous Africa

Hacker group has wreaked havoc for some web administrators in SA and Zimbabwe this week.


Nigeria tightens access control into ports

Only port users with an electronic pass or valid ID cards would be allowed into the ports. 


UPDATE: 'Spoof' hacker group ‘targets’ DA website

But the SA opposition party’s spokesperson says its website has not been attacked.


Bank of Zambia computers 'go missing'

Equipment alleged to have contained ‘highly confidential information’.