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Tuesday, Nov 19th

Uganda partners with Gemalto to beef up security

Uganda partners with Gemalto to beef up security

Uganda's Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control (DCIC) has incorporated the Coesys Visa Management that combines issuance of visas and permits with biometric enrollment upon arrival in the country.

The solution is backed by digital security company Gemalto which will manage the integration, deployment, maintenance and training for Ugandan immigration officers. The new scheme will allow the authorities to manage the entire visa life cycle from application to issuance, according to digital solution company Gemalto.

"This turnkey solution incorporates a convenient online portal to apply for visas and permits at any time prior to travel. Legitimate visitors receive their Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) by email. Upon arrival in Uganda, visitors get their visas after ETA check, verification of passports and the collection of their biometric data (fingerprints) to uniquely match travelers to the documents they are presenting," said the company in a statement issued today.

The solution is said to include a link to an integrated control list from local and international sources and an alert system to detect and manage undesirable applicants.

Gemalto says it also creates a centralised traveler database secured by an Automatic Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) to share, search and match electronic fingerprints accessible by authorities all over the country.

Anthony Namara, Commissioner and Project Coordinator at The Department of Citizenship and Immigration Control says the Gemalto Coesys Visa Management provides a fast and flexible response to the challenge of large-scale regional migration.

"Gemalto answered our need for a strong, secure solution, based on international standards and in line with Uganda's objective to facilitate travel," said Namara.

Ari Bouzbib, Senior Vice President of Government Programs at Gemalto believes that the project puts Uganda at the forefront of enhanced immigration solutions in East Africa

"The new system also fits with the regional initiative to deploy a single tourist visa program across Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda. This enables Ugandan authorities to readily identify travelers and reinforce national security."


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