Malawi draws up new cyber security guidelines to protect finance

Batten down
the hatches

Malawi to better
protect finance sector.

Wednesday, Feb 19th

SA ranks high for DDoS attack concerns.

SA ranks high for DDoS attack concerns

Study by communications provider BT reveals South Africa IT decision makers’ worries.

Corruption is main cause of cybercrime in SA.

‘Corruption is main cause of cybercrime in SA’

Scammable humans are South Africa’s biggest threat, says a special investigating unit expert.


EXCLUSIVE: Q&A with Anonymous Africa

Hacker group has wreaked havoc for some web administrators in SA and Zimbabwe this week.

Expert criticises SA govt officials’ risky email use.

Expert criticises SA govt officials’ risky email use

Government isn’t shy of using Gmail, Yahoo or iCloud addresses, opening them up to hacking.


UPDATE: 'Spoof' hacker group ‘targets’ DA website

But the SA opposition party’s spokesperson says its website has not been attacked.

Wikileaks’ Julian Assange talks about spying in SA.

WikiLeaks’ Assange talks about SA spying

Founder of the whistleblowing website says South Africa has a large surveillance industry.


ANC responds to attack on its website

Political party says it decided to take its website down following a hacker group flooding its servers.

Microsoft helps nab SA software pirates.

Microsoft helps nab SA software pirates

South African police raid resellers identified with possessing around 100 counterfeit disks.


Hackers Anonymous Africa target ANC website

Group says it has disrupted the South African political party's website with a DDoS attack.

South Africans have greater BYOD concerns than their global counterparts.

'75% of SA companies have BYOD concerns'

South Africa beats global average in terms of ‘Bring Your Own Device’ worries, says Kaspersky.


South Africa ‘ill-prepared’ for cyber attacks

Hacktivist group Ghost Shell’s hacking of top SA firms’ websites has left an expert worried.