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A fifth telco
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Thursday, Feb 20th

Data Leakage Prevention... It can be easy!


Organisations in every industry have sensitive information that must be kept secure (e.g. customer records, financial data, personal health information, and intellectual property). Beyond simply securing data, many companies must demonstrate compliance with government and industry regulations regarding information privacy. The problem is that most organisations don't know where their confidential data resides--laptops, unmanaged SharePoint servers or network file shares, which can lead to inadvertent or intentional exposure of confidential data.

"The industry is full of DLP failures mostly as a result of unnecessary complexities. DLP solutions can also be extremely expensive, this and the complexities have given DLP a bad name and organisations have become shy to implement DLP solutions," says Sean Glansbeek, managing director of Seven Days Technologies.

Today's organisations have many potential channels for data loss to occur including: webmail, email, FTP transfers, removable USB devices, and cloud storage. Many of these channels are not currently monitored or controlled, leaving the organisation with no visibility into the extent of their exposure or any means of proactively preventing data loss.

"All DLP technology offerings are employed for the purpose of reducing the risks from loss of control over sensitive data. However, not all DLP offerings on the market are equal," says Sean Glansbeek.

Code Green's TrueDLP should be described as a "Content Aware DLP or "Enterprise DLP" due to proven strengths in critical capabilities:
* Accuracy in identifying the targeted sensitive data
* Coverage across the entire enterprise network

Note: TrueDLP extends this coverage to the cloud

Gartner, Inc. provides this definition in its IT Glossary: "Content-aware data loss prevention (DLP) tools enable the dynamic application of policy based on the content and context at the time of an operation. These tools are used to address the risk of inadvertent or accidental leaks, or exposure of sensitive enterprise information outside authorised channels, using monitoring, filtering, blocking and remediation features."

DLP is a valuable management tool that may be centered on addressing compliance requirements and protecting against leaks of regulated information. However, once properly understood, DLP should be used as a valuable management tool to be applied in the broader context of security systems and overall policies for information governance.

Key Differentiators of the TrueDLP Solution
Here is a checklist of important features that distinguish Code Green Networks solution from weaker alternatives.

* Detection accuracy – Through Database Record Matching (DBRM), a proprietary Code Green Networks fingerprinting technology, TrueDLP is able to accurately scan a wide variety of both structured data such as fields in database records or columns in spreadsheets and unstructured data such as Microsoft Office, source code and PDF files. This effectively eliminates the high false positives and false negatives that plague many other DLP solutions. Based on more accurate detection, the proprietary Code Green Deep Inspection Content Engine (DICE) more effectively instructs the system to allow or block the session.

* Ease of deployment – TrueDLP software combines content inspection, policy creation and management, and e-mail encryption in one unit, greatly simplifying deployment without sacrificing accuracy or effectiveness. As a result, the entire installation typically takes a day or less with no network impact.

* Easy to use and manage – TrueDLP offers centralised configuration, policy, incident management and reporting for the complete DLP solution, including Network DLP, Endpoint DLP, and Discovery.

* Comprehensiveness – TrueDLP provides content aware discovery and secures all protocols across the network and endpoint devices.

* ICAP capable - Used together, TrueDLP and an appropriate ICAP capable proxy appliance will inspect and apply DLP policy enforcement to SSL-encrypted Web and FTP traffic.

* Cost effective – Code Green Networks DLP solution comes pre-installed in an appliance, no additional server hardware required and no additional OS and database licenses required. Built for small, medium and large organisations starting from as little as 50 users to 10,000's, Code Green Networks DLP offers customers True total cost of ownership.

"Code Green Networks" DLP shows how simple, inexpensive yet very effective a DLP solution should be so as to allow organisation to protect their information and get on with their business," concludes Sean Glansbeek.


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