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Monday, Oct 21st

Cisco advances on malware protection

Cisco advances on malware protection.

Cisco has introduced two protection services for companies. The Advanced Malware Protection Capabilities and Incident Response Services are designed to give organisations extra assurance in the rapid growth of malware threats.

The Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) Threat Grid will give customers the analytics on new threats while Incident Response Services will "equip Kenyan organisations with teams of information security experts that leverage threat intelligence and best practices for readiness and response from network to endpoint to cloud," the company said.

Sabrina Dar, Cisco GM, East Africa said that organisations are faced with malware which go undetected for months.

"We believe that the most effective way to address these real-world challenges is continuous threat protection against these attacks," Dar said.

She added that, "Attacks are occurring at an alarming rate. Unfortunately, many enterprises do not have cybersecurity professionals with the necessary expertise and skills to prepare for and mitigate these attacks."

The Incident Response Service will help companies reduce the time they spend dealing with threats in their networks by leveraging Cisco expertise.

Established security company Kaspersky Lab has also changed its tactic in the fight against cyber threats by not only offering protection products, but expertise services through training and also emergency response to organisations.


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