Apathy killing off interest in govt datacentres

Mistrust, lack
of resources 

Apathy hovers over
govt datacentres.

Friday, Feb 28th

Nigeria makes inroads in cybercrime war

IT security

Nigeria has recorded a significant improvement in combating internet security threat, according to a recent survey by United States-based security software company, Symantec.

The survey found that Nigeria moved up nine places to its current position of 58th in the world in terms of internet security.

Compared to other African countries Nigeria is placed 6th behind South Africa, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria and Mauritius.

Symantec West Africa manager, Oseme Osabase, warned that new global threats like ‘watering hole’ pose greater danger to local individuals, small and medium enterprises and big corporations.

“Attackers no longer come directly, but wait for their targets at their most frequented websites and unleash their virus. This could cost an individual, corporation or nation entire data storage,” said Osabase.

He also reiterated that there are now more state-sponsored cyber attacks across the globe with nations gradually shifting from known military hardware warfare to cyber warfare.

“The last few years have seen increasingly sophisticated and widespread use of cyber attacks. In peacetime, they provide plausible denial; in wartime, they could be an essential tool," he said.

"Cyber attacks will continue to be an outlet where tensions between countries are played out," he added.


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