VoLTE still a hard sale in Africa

VoLTE's mixed

Echo Mobile executive
offers perspective.

Friday, Apr 19th

Huawei gets go-ahead to upgrade Telkom's network

Chinese company readies to deploy ultra-broadband infrastructure for SA telco.


Abuja-Algiers fibre-optic cable up for tender

The 4500 kilometre network is to connect the capital cities of Nigeria and Algeria.


'Satellites providing internet connectivity still hold value in Africa'

Sattelites could help bring broadband to Africa.


Zambia builds electricity pylon fibre-optic network

The project costs $52 million to install.


The last mile

High-speed bandwidth is coming to inland areas.

Mozambique to switch to digital technology

All the country’s broadcasting stations would have to switch to digital.

WACS takes off

Cable to increase the availability of data.

Ghana to roll out LTE technologies

The deployment of LTE in Ghana would provide 4G data and voice services. 


Seychelles connected to high-speed broadband

The 2000km Seychelles East Africa System (SEAS) links to submarine networks such as Eassy.


Seacom cable is "up and running"

Cable cut occurred between Egypt and France.


'Last mile' broadband cable to connect Zimbabwe




Work on a 261 kilometre fibre optic network is to start 'soon'.