Cloud: It's not about IT, it's about the app

Embarking on
cloud journey 

It's about the apps
say tech experts.

Saturday, Feb 23rd

Wacs is on the way




The 5.12Tbps subsea cable is set for launch.

issam darwish

IHS invests $8mn in African networks

Infrastructure company focuses on West Africa.

Data centres to quicken diagnoses

Kenya`s ministry of health will build a facility that will store digital medical records of patients.

Thieves damage Tanzania`s ICT backbone

Vandals trying to steal copper have instead damaged an underground fibre-optic cable, disrupting Internet services.

Ghana readies to capture biometric data

Having voters` fingerprint and scanned facial information will help the country have fraud-free elections later this year, says a government official.

NetApp plans to increase focus on Africa

The data storage and network management company has a new regional office in Johannesburg.

Eassy cable damaged

Minor disruptions to Internet services have occurred at Port Sudan, as a result of a fault affecting the network near Djibouti.