Ghana advances on mobile money interoperability

Ghana advances
mobile money

Interoperability the
name of the game.

Tuesday, Dec 11th


Vodafone unveils West Africa fibre network

The 120 kilometre cable connects Ghana, Togo and Burkina Faso.


'Prevent Olympic bandwidth meltdown'

Streaming video sites could strain businesses' networks.

Zim officials complain about fibre trenches

Concern has been expressed over the rate at which Internet Access Providers are digging up earth to lay networks.


Satellites to track Ethiopian animals

Technology to shed light on animal migration between Ethiopia and South Sudan.


Free university Wifi

Google has connected 2000 students to a wireless local area network.


Southern Africa's online expansion

Revenues are forecast to boom.


Kenya Data Networks lays off 50 staff

Redundancies at the Altech-owned company come amid a loss of key clients and stiff competition.


Satellites to bridge digital divide?

Broadband service comes to SA this year.


Africa's 80% broadband penetration aims

The inaugural Africa ICT Indaba has ended with a deadline being set for deploying broadband to 80% of Africa by 2020.


Fibre to the home coming to Mauritius

Bharat Telecom plans to connect the whole island to high-speed internet with a $50mn network.

Huawei gets go-ahead to upgrade Telkom's network

Chinese company readies to deploy ultra-broadband infrastructure for SA telco.