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Saturday, Sep 21st


Zambia’s power line broadband project enters second phase

Fibre optic cables are being installed on high voltage infrastructure in the country.


Fibre-optic traffic cameras planned for Zambian roads

Installation of equipment to be setup in major urban areas in the country.


Zambia threatens to silence community radio station

Government hits out at digital radio station for providing a platform for youth to discuss politics.


Zambia’s high voltage fibre-optic project enters phase three

Country's electricity supply corporation plans to invest about $13.1 million on its network.


Zambian businesses receive VSAT connectivity

Satellite broadband to be rolled out to remote areas in the country.


Zambia’s telemedicine units tackle female cancers

Country’s first lady praises tech’s role in fighting cervical and breast cancer.


Zambia’s Zamtel connects to WACS

Telco expands the reach of its fibre optic network to undersea cables.


AfriConnect Zambia launches MPLS system

Mechanism to aid the company’s network expansion along the Copperbelt.


Zambia builds electricity pylon fibre-optic network

The project costs $52 million to install.