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Tuesday, Sep 17th


‘Zonal approach needed to boost Nigerian broadband access’

Representative of the Nigeria Internet Group says the country’s national broadband plan may not work.


LTE network launched in Nigeria

An internet service provider beats mobile operators in the country to unveil the offering first.


International broadcast centre setup in Nigeria

Facility to use undersea broadband cables to broadcast live video content from the country.


Main One goes inland in Nigeria

The company plans to provide inland businesses with reliable connectivity solutions.


Wi-Fi onboard Delta Ghana flights in 2013

US aircraft carrier plans an in-flight internet service for the long haul trip.


Nigeria needs to adopt IPv6 quicker, say experts

Some Nigerians may be ‘shut out’ from the internet amid failures to replace IPv4 completely.


Nigeria, iDirect enter satellite broadband partnership

Network expansion is on the cards in a bid to roll-out high speed internet across the country.


Wi-Fi holds ‘endless opportunities for Africa’

Why adoption of this form of internet access is taking off in nation's like Nigeria.


MTN Nigeria takes advantage of WACS

With WACS MTN Nigeria hopes to deliver high grade and highly available internet across the country. 


US network firm builds assembly plant in Nigeria

Growing broadband market has attracted Transition Networks USA to the African nation.


Abuja-Algiers fibre-optic cable up for tender

The 4500 kilometre network is to connect the capital cities of Nigeria and Algeria.