Zambia hints at fifth telco operator

A fifth telco
for Zambia?

Enough room says
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Sunday, Feb 23rd

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Tunisie Telecom, Vodafone enter new partnership

Tunisie Telecom, Vodafone enter new partnership

Tunisie Telecom has announced a new partnership with Vodafone through which it will gain strategic and operational support in the areas of technology, purchasing and services to businesses and individuals.

In the first agreement of its kind for Vodafone in the North Africa region, Tunisie Telecom adds that the deal will also extend to roaming and inter-operator relations at the international level with the global telecoms giant.

Mohamed Fadhel Kraiem, Group Chairman and CEO of Tunisie Telecom says the agreement, valid for the next three years, will boost the company's service to customers in Tunisia and globally.

"We are proud of this partnership that will provide Tunisie Telecom with more efficient solutions for the benefit of multinationals based in Tunisia and all Tunisian companies. Tunisie Telecom will be able to offer more competitive roaming services for our compatriots while traveling in countries where Vodafone and its partners are present and Vodafone customers visiting Tunisia."

While there was no confirmation as to whether the agreement would precede an acquisition of Tunisie Telecom by Vodafone, the telcos confirmed that their respective teams will work to identify other avenues for deeper collaboration.

"Under this agreement, Tunisie Telecom will also have the opportunity to access Vodafone's global knowledge base, and to realise economies of scale that will be found when we purchase telecommunications equipment," added Fadhel Kraiem.

Diego Massidda, Vodafone Partner Markets CEO said Vodafone will benefit from Tunisie Telecoms' familiarity with Tunisia's telecoms business environment.

"I am delighted that Tunisie Telecom is joining our network of partners. I look forward to bringing the best of Vodafone's services and expertise to Tunisia and building a strong and lasting relationship that will benefit both companies' clients. Vodafone will also benefit from the expertise of Tunisie Telecom and its deep knowledge or experience of the region ".

Massida and Fadhel Kariem signed the agreement, witnessed by Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Tunisia, Habib Dabbabi.

The deal comes less than a fortnight after Tunisie Telecom unveiled a new 535sqm Services Operations Centre (SOC) to support its technicians and engineers in their efforts to maintain and upgrade its network across the country.

The telco also conducted a test of all Business Connected@LTE technologies, including 4T4R, Carrier Aggregation, and 256QAM with multinational ICT firm Huawei in May 2018 as part of the latest improvements to its offering.

Huawei revealed that has resolved to build a large-scale 4T4R network with Tunisie Telecom in 2018 to deliver an optimal LTE experience for its subscribers "as well as create the fastest network in the country."


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