SA ranks third in Africa for broadband speed

SA's race for

Researchers outline
country's ranking.

Monday, Aug 19th

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Bid to revoke MTN Nigeria's operating licence withdrawn

Plaintiffs took MTN to court for allegedly refusing to disclose call records of a suspended judge.


MTN criticises reports about it leaving northern Nigeria

Telco says there is ‘no situation’ regarding its operations, despite threats from Boko Haram that it will attack its facilities.

Nigerian regulator renews plans for broadband infrastructure

Broadband infrastructure to improve Nigeria's ICT sector.


Nigerian telcos yet to pay fines

Four mobile operators have not yet paid fines totalling $7.38 million.

ALTON criticises Nigeria's regulatory telecoms infrastructure guidelines

With the guidelines expected to ruin the country's efficient telephone and internet services.


Nigeria fines MTN, others $7.38 mln for bad service

Telcos fined for poor quality service.


Nigeria's Starcomms incurs huge losses

Telco's turnover dropped by almost N9 billion.


Quality of service woes

Nigerian telcos could receive more fines.


Fibre-cuts bother MTN Nigeria

Road works are a chief reason for damage to the telco's network.


Nigerian telcos fined for poor quality service

Four operators face fines.


Sun power for mobile towers in Nigeria

IHS converts 900 cell sites to use solar energy.