'China poised to become a leading 5G market'

China to
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Tuesday, Mar 26th

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Nigeria hits 105 million mobile subscribers

Low price promotions could be driving up demand for services.


MTN Nigeria donates security equipment amid attacks

Boko Haram has allegedly sabotaged the telco’s infrastructure and killed some of its staff.


Merger could create new Nigerian telco

Three struggling CDMA operators are reportedly planning to join forces.


MTN Nigeria confirms attacks on infrastructure

The company says ‘unknown persons’ damaged base station installations in northern Nigeria.


Calls to revive Nigeria’s rural telephony plan

Project to connect underserved areas was suspended in 2001, owing to ‘poor execution’.


Boko Haram ‘destroys’ 25 MTN Nigeria base stations

Nigerian terrorist group allegedly carries out attacks and kills four people in the process.


‘Stop demolishing mobile towers!’

Nigerian body tasked with tearing down ‘substandard’ base stations comes under pressure.


NSE 'suspends' Starcomms stock amid merger talk

The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) has reportedly put a hold on the telco's trade.


Nigeria clamps down on illegal frequency usage

Two bank branches in the country have allegedly been breaching the law.


Investment in Nigeria’s telco sector hits $25 billion

Communications commission boss says funding has shot up from $18 billion in 2009.


Nigeria's falling comms towers raise concerns

A spate of collapsing infrastructure has resulted in calls for swift action.