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Wednesday, Feb 20th

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Botswana Telecommunications Corporation to invest US$5.7m in fixed internet

Botswana Telecommunications Corporation to invest US.7m in fixed internet

Starting in Phakalane, a suburb of Gaborone, and extending across the country, fixed internet service provision in Botswana is set to receive a boost with the announcement of new investment totaling US$5.7 million by the Botswana Telecommunications Corporation (BTC).

BTC is a telecoms and internet service provider in Botswana with its headquarters in Gaborone. Although it has a nationwide coverage, its services are more concentrated in the country's capital city of Gaborone and the nation's second largest city, Francistown. Although it was formerly wholly owned by the government, BTC is now listed on the Botswana Stock Exchange.

BTC said it is making the additional investment because it has high hopes for the country's fixed internet market, particularly its ability to meet an increasing demand for improved internet services. The corporation added that the new investment would enable it to attract more customers which in return would increase its revenues.

"We are planning to invest more than 60 million pula (over US$5.7 million) in this project. It will start in Phakalane and continue in the rest of the country," BTC stated.

Commenting on this development, the corporation's network director, Gabalemogwe Rankgate, said the project that would be financed with the new investment is in line with the Botswanan government-defined roadmap towards improving citizens' access to quality internet wherever they reside.

"BTC is not solely relying on the fixed internet to improve its finances and win the hearts of consumers. We recently launched 4G LTE which will also contribute significantly to BTC's revenues since it is offering improved mobile internet access," Rankgate added.

Anthony Masunga, the company's Managing Director also revealed the BTC is currently rolling out a transformation strategy to improve customer service.

"They will have improved service experience on the BTC network and would obtain full satisfaction and loyalty. I believe that BTC has the capacity to bring tough competition to mobile operators," he said.


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