Ghana advances on mobile money interoperability

Ghana advances
mobile money

Interoperability the
name of the game.

Tuesday, Dec 11th

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Angola Cables to peer at NAPAfrica

Angola Cables to peer at NAPAfrica

Telecoms operator Angola Cables has announced its choice of NAPAfrica as a peering point to give impetus to its objective of becoming a major IP transit and MPLS player in sub-Saharan Africa.

Established Internet Exchange Point (IXP) NAPAfrica has over 240 unique connected networks and 140 Gbps peering traffic and is collocated within Teraco data centre facilities. It provides peering across sub-Saharan Africa from Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town.

Darwin Costa, IP Product Manager, Angola Cables, says the operator, together with the Angolan government, is working to build the Southern African country into a major telecommunications hub.

"It is vital to ensure that the African traffic remains within the continent, and at the same time customers are guaranteed improved Internet connectivity," said Costa.

He says that another aim is to enable super-fast access to Europe from South Africa, via its main hub in Lisbon and the European ring network.

Costa adds that the decision to peer with NAPAfrica was based on its ability to offer a list of international content delivery networks and carriers.

"NAPAfrica is also the most complete IXP across the African continent. We believe that by combining strengths, Angola Cables, a growing telecommunications hub, will be able to provide links to and from South Africa from Angola, as well as to Brazil and the USA, once the South Atlantic Cable System (SACS) is in operation."

Michele McCann, business development manager, Teraco says NAPAfrica is a suitable partner for Angola Cables and will increase interconnection between Angola and the rest of the world.

"This is not simply about peering, the collaboration will impact Internet connectivity across several countries and improve the services of Angola Cables as well as create a platform for the country to compete on a global stage."

McCann believes NAPAfrica is committed to assisting Angola Cables in becoming a main hub on the West-Coast of Africa.

"Through our peering exchange and neutral platform we can link Angola and its neighbouring countries, as well as connecting South and North America with the hub in South Africa. This project proves that peering is not just about connectivity, it is about growing networks and enhancing business across the continent. It boosts business in Africa and that is what it is all about for the team."


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