Apathy killing off interest in govt datacentres

Mistrust, lack
of resources 

Apathy hovers over
govt datacentres.

Friday, Feb 28th

Samsung targets Africa's mid-tier sector with latest Galaxy

Samsung targets Africa's mid-tier sector with latest Galaxy

The newest addition to the Galaxy range has arrived, just a few months after the company launched the Galaxy Note in October last year.

The Galaxy Note 10 Lite is expected in stores today and has already launched to Europe and Middle East regions.

According to Samsung, this offering meets the requirements of the upper-middle-class customers following a backlash over the pricing of the Note 10 and Note 10 Plus.

"The Note 10 Lite is a top premium model in which all the facilities (including the all-new intelligent S Pen) was incorporated and at a premium level, we thought the retail price at that time was 119,000 KES (about US$1,190) for this device when we launched it in October last year. But again, we received a lot of feedback from the market...can there be a Note that is affordable with premium features?" said Charles Kimari, the head of Internet and Mobile for Samsung East Africa.

Samsung says users can purchase the device at a rate that is 40-50% cheaper than other models in the same range. The Samsung Note 10 Lite will retail at about Ksh58,000 (US$580).

Some users in Kenya may compare the phone's features to other cost-competitive devices, but a message posted by renowned tech blogger Evan Blass revealed that Motorola might be working on a new Verizon-exclusive flagship phone called the Edge+, that is thought to be an ultimate rival to the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite.

The new device also faces stiff competition from the developers of the OnePlus 7T.


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