SA ranks third in Africa for broadband speed

SA's race for

Researchers outline
country's ranking.

Monday, Aug 19th


Live parliament debates go mobile in Ghana

Ghanaians will soon have access to sound sessions on their cellphones.

Kenya's mobile crop insurance cover



Mobile money helps feed Niger's poor

For the first time in Niger, the World Food Programme is using mobile money to help the poorest purchase food at local markets.


Samsung store to feature East African apps

Smartphone maker wants developers in that region to have a more global reach.


Fax-to-mobile service launched in Mozambique

Faxes can be sent as text messages, thanks to an offering from Mozambique Telecommunications Company.


Zimbabwean govt could 'unban' BlackBerry Messenger

No telecommunications operator is allowed to offer the service in Zimbabwe.


ZTE enters Tunisia

Chinese mobile makers have not had it easy in North Africa.


Liberia's Cellcom launches 4G network

West African nation joins Angola, Namibia and Tanzania as having the next-generation LTE network


iPads take flight on Air Nigeria

Passengers will be offered a tablet as an entertainment medium.


Samsung Galaxy SIII comes to Botswana

A small population size is not a concern for the South Korean company, says a representative.


Kenyan students use mobile service for exam prep

Mprep allows students to receive feedback and additional information on topics they are weak in.