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Saturday, Feb 23rd


Kenya's M-Shwari targets insurance firms

This move would be in line with wider access to lifestyle benefits by mobile banking platforms.


Internet growth rate in Kenya ‘outpaces’ voice

Kenyan communications watchdog unveils the country’s updated telecommunications stats.


Safaricom faces court battle over mobile money credit scheme

Microfinance institution is sueing the telco for copyright infringement regarding M-Shwari.


Orange Kenya reintroduces call back services

‘Nisort’ is available to cash-strapped subscribers needing to make urgent calls.


‘Expats must leave Telkom Kenya’

Kenyan government wants telco to reduce its expatriate staff to end a loss-making streak.


Essar Telecom Kenya skipping 3G, heading straight for LTE

Yu Mobile, owned by Essar, is the only Kenyan mobile operator not to have 3G coverage.


Safaricom to offer credit via M-shwari

The mobile money service is expected to ruffle the feathers of commercial banks in that country.


Why Kenya’s fixed line market is shrinking

Competition from mobile operators, copper theft and high costs result in a 5.5% fall in subscriptions.


Safaricom to host M-Pesa in Kenya by 2015

The mobile operator also expects to increase the number of transactions it currently handles.


Network solutions firm CommProve inks deal with Safaricom

Kenya’s leading telco partners with the Irish firm to deploy a monitoring service.


Kenya’s media, Safaricom plan fighting reckless driving

More than 3,000 people die every year owing to carnage on the country’s roads.