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Wednesday, Feb 19th

Internet growth rate in Kenya ‘outpaces’ voice


Internet user numbers in Kenya grew 11.6% between October and December 2012 to reach 16.2 million, outpacing mobile voice users growth of just 1% in the country in the same period.

This is according the latest industry statistics released yesterday by the Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK), which put the total number of mobile subscribers at 30.7 million as at December 2012.

“As observed during the previous period, the rate of growth has slowed down as the (voice) market appears saturated and tending towards maturity,” CCK explains in the report.

The report also says that the number of internet subscribers in the country rose from 8.5 million in the first quarter of 2012 to 9.4 million by the end of December 2012, representing an increase of 11.5%, and bringing the total growth in 2012 to 75.1%.

Internet penetration, on the other hand, grew by 4.3% to reach 41.1% of the population, up from 36.8% recorded during the previous quarter. According to the World Bank, Kenya has a population of 41.6 million

“Mobile data/internet continued to dominate the internet market contributing 99% of the total internet/data subscriptions in the country,” says the report.

Broadband subscriptions however declined to 1,002,701 from 1,006,071 recorded in the previous quarter. The CCK attributes this drop to a reduction in the number of fixed terrestrial broadband subscribers.

Meanwhile, the CCK says mobile penetration in the country increased to 78% during the same period up from 77.2% recorded during the first quarter.

All mobile operators recorde a positive growth in subscription numbers except for Telkom Orange, which the CCK says lost a total of 609,321 customers.


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