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MasterCard eyes African tech collaboration with Engage platform launch

MasterCard eyes African tech collaboration with Engage platform launch

MasterCard's Engage platform has been launched in Nairobi and Lagos to link together technology partners on the continent in order to spur innovation.

The platform has already been used to connect tech providers to companies with a focus on solutions that covers digital payment services, IOT, near field communication solutions, point-of-sale innovation and remittance services.

In addition to connecting them to possible customers, technology partners registered for Engage have their qualified solutions listed, ranked and reviewed in Engage directories. The companies are fully vetted by the company to ensure they provide applicable technology in the market.

According to MasterCard over 160 global technology providers have been qualified as Engage partners.

Speaking on the launch of the platform in Africa, Adam Jones, Area Business Head MasterCard East Africa stated: "People today are more connected, more technologically-savvy and more mobile. As a result, financial institutions, merchants and device manufacturers seek to provide them more innovative ways to pay and be paid across all channels and devices."

Jones added that the success of solutions depend on relevant partnerships who can integrate technology successfully.

"Having more local partners not only supports our vision of innovating locally but brings our customers closer to service providers who better understand their businesses and markets ensuring they can bring the right solutions to their customer more efficiently," he said.

Developers aiming to create solutions are also vetted and offered simple API sets to begin building customised solutions for the market they operate in.

The platform was first rolled out in February 2017 and according to MasterCard has tripled the number of partnerships since inception.