Zimbabwe offline as govt moves to control communication

Zim's online

Internet shut down as
protests continue.

Wednesday, Jan 23rd

New Fluke Networks OptiFiber(R) Pro HDR OTDR brings VersivTM efficiency to passive optical network, outside plant, datacentre and other high dynamic range applications

Fluke Networks unveiled the OptiFiber® Pro High Dynamic Range (HDR) Optical Time Domain Reflectometer, the first OTDR that fulfills contractors', installers' and network owners' demands for a single solution to deal with applications.

Introducing Hyperconverged '(Un)Appliances'

Bitrate's Hyperconverged '(Un)Appliances' offers tailor-made hyperconvergence.

Hillstone Networks introduces the next big thing for data centre security

Hillstone Networks, a leading provider of network security solutions, today announced the X10800, a next-generation data centre security platform.