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Saturday, Mar 23rd

Nintex study uncovers employee onboarding as a top pain point in today's workplaces

Employee onboarding has been rated among the most pervasive pain points that plague corporate America, according to a study by Nintex.

The rise of enterprise content workflow

Businesses need to take greater control over their content by implementing document-centric processes that govern the creation, approval, distribution, storage, maintenance and archiving of documents and/or content. Aligning documentation and human behaviour to business process is not as easy as it sounds, says Stephan Gous, SWECA Territory Manager for Nintex.

Go from quote to contract to signed without friction with Nintex

It is understood that contracts are the language of business as well as a foundational element to how business is conducted. Therefore Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM), because of this, is something every company must embrace.