Ghana's regulator at crossroads over 4G spectrum

At a regulatory

Ghana contemplates
4G spectrum.

Wednesday, Nov 21st

RubiBlue's crowdsourcing data platform delivers intelligent insights to African business

RubiBlue, intelligent business solutions provider, has developed and launched DataSight, a crowdsourcing data platform targeting consumers in LSMs 4-7. DataSight is an easy to download application that rewards customers for providing insights into their brand preferences, lifestyle and education choices. The data, collated and secured in line with GDPR and POPIA compliance requirements, provides enterprises with relevant and rich insights into consumer behaviour and preferences.

"DataSight asks registered users to complete a series of surveys that are tailored to suit specific market requirements or interests," says Chris Ogden, CEO, RubiBlue. "As they complete the surveys, they are rewarded with vouchers for airtime, food or entertainment - they can choose the reward they prefer. We ask around 10 questions per day that deliver substantial data insights around the behaviours, expenditure patterns and brand preferences across these LSM markets."

The application is designed to not only develop surveys aligned with specific organisation or market research requirements, but to provide accessible analyses of the data. The information is kept anonymous but delivers the business with rich insight into spending patterns, airtime preferences, washing powder choices, travel times and so much more.

"We developed the application to be as accessible as possible, for both the business and the consumer," says Ogden. "Corporates can run their own surveys with our white label offering or they can add questions into existing surveys. There is also the opportunity to send advertising to participants that is not only targeted but relevant thanks to the information provided by the application."

DataSight is currently building an impressive user base and is already heading towards more than 4000 surveys completed since its launch at the start of October 2018. Registration is simple - users download the DataSight app for Android devices, register their details, answer questions and receive instant rewards. The more a user responds and recommends other users, the higher their rewards. Personal information is never shared with a third party and all aspects of data sharing and user awareness are in line with GDPR and POPIA requirements.

Since launch, DataSight has partnered with Spur, Vodacom, Cell C, KFC, MTN, Telkom Mobile, Pick n Pay and Takelot to provide a variety of rewards to the user base.


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