Quantum computing can solve some SKA problems, says IBM

Quantum to
help SKA
IBM suggests clear
case study.

Thursday, Jun 20th

Arbor Networks named Best Overall Security Company at 13th Annual Info Security Product Guide's Global Excellence Awards

Info Security Products Guide, the industry's leading information security research and advisory guide, has named Arbor Networks as Best Overall Security Company (500-2,499 employees) at the 13th Annual Global Excellence Awards.

Kenya cyber attacks growing in sophistication; prevention is key.

Kenya cyber attacks growing in sophistication; prevention is key

The recent hacking of Kenya's Government in November 2016 has highlighted the increasing attacks in the country and placed a spotlight on the vulnerabilities and losses for government and online businesses.

New consumer survey shows high anxiety about online security does not translate into action

A new consumer survey concluded that two-thirds of Americans believe themselves to be tech savvy, although their actions with regard to online security indicate otherwise – with millennials being the worst offenders.