'China poised to become a leading 5G market'

China to
lead in 5G 

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Saturday, Mar 23rd

MData fee fall campaign is legitimate says MobileData.

MData fee fall campaign is legitimate says MobileData

The South African mobile communication services market needs more regulation to encourage competition in order to instil a free and open environment.

Africa-wide cryptocurrency adoption requires decentralised model

Cryptocurrency and blockchain has disrupted financial services and will be around for a lot longer says Heinrich Springhorn, Business Analyst at MobileData.

CIO-as-a-Service, a new era in IT organisational management

In a market dominated by increasing interest in just about ‘everything-as-a-service', the role of the CIO has attracted the spotlight and the relevance of CIO-as-a-Service has come to the fore in South Africa, according to MobileData.