Zimbabwe offline as govt moves to control communication

Zim's online

Internet shut down as
protests continue.

Wednesday, Jan 23rd

Kalundu Trading hosts ERP with K-Cloud from Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS)

Kalundu Trading is a long-standing client of KCS and approached KCS with a request for a hosted solution that could alleviate the risks and concerns associated with the maintenance, administration and monitoring of their on-premise ERP system.

S&C Agencies Opt for a Reputable ERP Solution with KCS SA

After exploring various ERP systems available in the market, Timothy De Vincenzo, S&C Agencies' Marketing Director opted for the K8 Babbage Solution.

Lighting the way forward with K8

With the fully integrated business view and information provided by the newly implemented K8 system, the Lighting Warehouse was able to get closer to its customers, build profits and manage margins in a much easier and more streamlined manner.