Apathy killing off interest in govt datacentres

Mistrust, lack
of resources 

Apathy hovers over
govt datacentres.

Friday, Feb 28th

Impressive new Evergreens Store

The Evergreens Fresh Market, grocery and foods store in Pretoria West is a large store in its own right (6,000sqm trading area and 29 POS points). The store has been running on Arch Retail since mid-2018. In an exciting development, the group built an even larger new store in Kempton Park, which opened its doors to expectant customers recently. The market has in excess of 16,000sqm trading space – Arch's largest store to date.

In addition to this, receiving, manufacturing, storage and office space result in a total operation of approximately 25,000sqm.

Evergreens Fresh Market, Kempton Park is a hybrid store offering quality produce to both retail and wholesale customers. The product file comprises of 14,800 products, but totals 35,700 with packs included. In addition to groceries and fresh produce, the store also offers the following service departments: Butchery, Bakery and Hot Foods. In the Manufacturing section, bulk product is packaged to meet customers' needs. Evergreens Liquor Market will open its doors shortly for trading.

Arch Retail, the in-store solution, is operational on 40 tills and 4 service points. The hardware of choice is Arch AP301 all-in-one touchscreen machine, with an integrated scanner and slip printer. Integrated Value-Adds, EFT and customer Loyalty, are offered at all till-points for shoppers' convenience. The Evergreens Group's management solution includes the use of Arch Enterprise (centralised merchandise management system), Arch Financial Integration (seamless flow of operational store data to financial system) and Arch Mobile (on-the-floor management capability).
The brothers Jerome, John & Jimmy and mother Liza Pereira, owners of the store are extremely proud of the new addition to the Evergreens Group.

David Geldenhuys, Corporate Relations Executive at Arch Retail, said: "We are extremely proud to be business partners of Evergreens. This impressive store is now the largest in the Arch stable and we thank the Pereiras for their confidence in our suite of products and our services. We wish their team all the best with the exciting new venture".


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