Zambia hints at fifth telco operator

A fifth telco
for Zambia?

Enough room says
industry regulator.

Thursday, Feb 20th

BBC collaborates with Nigeria's digital innovators

BBC collaborates with Nigeria's digital innovators.

The BBC has announced that two teams from Lagos have been selected to pilot a digital idea they developed to help the BBC reach young African audiences.

The first team is a small Lagos-based company named Codulab and the second, a collaborative team of Nigerian innovators called Team Timerail.

Both teams have been chosen to take part in the next stage of the digital innovation programme from BBC Connected Studio and the BBC World Service.

"In January this year, a briefing session for 100 people within the tech community of Lagos was held in partnership with the Co-Creation Hub and was streamed live online. The brief for teams was to reach the growing mobile audiences in Nigeria with an innovative digital idea and special workshops with digital experts were held to further help potential entrants. Submitted ideas were then scored and shortlisted by a judging panel, these shortlisted teams were asked to submit a further detailed plan and undergo a Q&A session with BBC experts. Following this period, the judges then selected two of the four shortlisted ideas to be taken forward and built into pilots throughout the year," the broadcaster explained in a statement.

The BBC launched previous briefs in Nairobi and Cape Town which have resulted in the successful establishment of two pilots.

Dmitry Shishkin, BBC World Service Group Digital Development Editor and judging panellist hailed their experience in Nigeria."It has been great to collaborate with technical innovators in Nigeria - one of World Service's most important markets. Having done hackathons in Kenya and South Africa in 2015 it was only natural for us to come to Nigeria, too. This time we made extra effort to help with feedback and briefing for the event and were delighted by the great number of interesting submissions we received. Given the revolutionary changes mobile technology is bringing to Africa, BBC is keen to be an integral part of this exciting journey".


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