Zambia hints at fifth telco operator

A fifth telco
for Zambia?

Enough room says
industry regulator.

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Saturday, Feb 22nd

Zuku to change prices amid inflationary pressures

Zuku to change prices amid inflationary pressures

East African home entertainment and communication services company Zuku has announced that it will be making changes to the pricing of its monthly subscription fees for pay TV, telephone and internet.

As reported by techweez, the Wananchi Group establishment will also be offering a speed boost to some of the affected plans, with rates expected to go up in a month's time.

"Due to increase in costs and inflationary pressures, Zuku Fibre notifies you our esteemed customer that effective 8th September, 2017 the prices for the following service packages: J2, i2, R2, J5, i5, R20, i20, R50 and i50, will change," reads Zuku's notification.

Users who are subscribed to R20 and i20 service packages will see an upgrade from 20 Mbps to 30 Mbps. Then, the two packages will be renamed to R30 and i30 respectively by September 8.

"As per regulatory requirement and Zuku Fibre Terms and Conditions (T&Cs), this communication serves as the required 30 days notification period of the price changes, which notification starts today 7th August, 2017," reads the company's notice.

According to Tuko, in July Zuku's parent company, Wananchi Group, was among many companies that have retrenched or issued retrenchment notices to their employees over tough economic times in Kenya.

Wananchi issued a notice of retrenchment to their 1000 employees last month as the company seeks to cut costs and streamline its operations.

According to Standard Media online, Wananchi Group has been attempting to sell some of its assets to free up resources that would be deployed to developing profitable business as well as paying debt.


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