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Thursday, Sep 19th

ShowMax recruiting in Nairobi

  ShowMax recruiting in Nairobi

Internet TV firm sets up East Africa headquarters in Kenya.

Internet TV company ShowMax has set up its East Africa headquarters in Kenya as it looks to further expand in the region by recruiting for a number of new roles.

ShowMax has set up its headquarters at the Nairobi Garage co-working space, which it says will support growth both in Kenya and in the wider East Africa region as ShowMax continues to expand to new countries with a tailored, localised service.

"One of the keys to business success in Africa is recognising and catering for the differences in each market. In our view, it's essential to tailor content, functionality, and partnerships to the needs of consumers in each individual country. Our new office in Nairobi forms the heart of our operations in East Africa and is key to this localisation strategy," said Chris Savides, head of ShowMax Africa.

"We chose to base our operations at the Nairobi Garage for both practical and competitive reasons. Practically, it's a flexible space well-known for consistently delivering the services essential to running a business like ours. Competitively, we want to be plugged-in at the heart of digital entrepreneurship in the region. We're looking forward to learning from and hopefully contributing to the business community in Nairobi."

ShowMax is currently recruiting for a number of roles to be based at the new office including partner growth manager for East Africa, head of regional growth for East Africa, and marketing manager for Kenya.

Nairobi Garage, set up in early 2012, is the largest co-working space in Africa, accommodating over 100 businesses. It currently has two different office hubs located in Westlands and Ngong Road and has further expansion plans in the pipeline.

"A common mistake companies make is to think that they can run their business in this region from thousands of kilometres away or even from another continent. It's great to see companies like ShowMax investing in Kenya and creating jobs. The co-working concept is a proven model and by surrounding themselves with startups and entrepreneurs, we think ShowMax is making the right move to grow their business," said Hannah Clifford, general manager of Nairobi Garage.